20 Quotes from Khalil Gibran to inspire your soul

Khalil Gibran was a Lebanese-American writer; his writing has a philosophical touch. His books have been translated into more than 100 languages and he is known for his popular book “The Prophet”, published in 1923. His writings ruminate on love, longing, death, and explore religious themes.

Also known for his essays, poems, and short stories, Khalil Gibran is the third best-selling poet of all time.

These are few quotes from Gibran’s writings to inspire your soul.

1.     The strongest soul

out of suffering have emerged the strongest souls

2.   Awake – asleep

awake - asleep

3.   Many doors

Many doors

4.   Trust in dreams

Trust in dreams

5.   Sadness, a wall

sadness, a wall

6.   Deemed to be mad

deemed to be mad

7.   The way you see

the way you see

8.    All are prisoners

All are prisoners

9.    Lust for comfort

lust for comfort

10.      Music, the language of soul

Music, the language of soul

11.       You truly give, only when

You truly give

12.      Truth lost temper

Truth lost temper

13.      Pain breaks your shell

Pain breaks your shell

14.      Dark side

Dark side

15.      Act of kindness

Act of kindness

16.      The beginning of knowledge

The beginning of knowledge

17.      Yesterday, today, tomorrow

yesterday, today, tommorow

18.      Source of anxiety

Source of anxiety

19.      The end, the beginning

The end, the beginning

20.    To live twice

To live twice

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