Finding yourselves - 12 Excerpts from Paulo Coelho's Brida!!

   We are all looking for something, perhaps meaning & purpose of our existence. This, very question has haunted people of all ages, since ages.  Paulo Coelho, one of the greatest writer and master storyteller of our times, in his book, Brida, treads through similar waters. Brida, a young Irish girl on a quest for knowledge & self discovery comes to realize the truths of life.

   The following are few excerpts from Brida, to enthral and aid you in finding yourselves.
#1 Finding Yourselves
Finding yourselves - paulo coelho

#2 An Act of Faith
an act of faith - paulo coelho

#3 True Love
true love - paulo coelho

#4 Wisdom
wisdom - paulo coelho

#5 Soul Purpose
soul purpose

#6 Mystery of Life
mystery of life

#7 Faith

#8 Instrument of God
Instrument of God

#9 Soul's Learning
souls learning

#10 Life Path
life path

#11 Reason for Existence
Reason for existence

#12 God of Brave
God of Brave