21 thoughts to ascend your spiritual progression

Irrespective of where we belong, what we do, gender, race, belief system & the level of consciousness; we are all continuously evolving and raising our awareness as a soul as well as the whole of the universe. We are an indistinguishable part of the universe, which is nurturing as well as self-sustaining in itself.

Our Earth can be considered as a huge learning school, where we play different roles with each lifetime & accumulate knowledge; and turn this knowledge into wisdom with our experiences, eventually leading to our spiritual progression & achievement of nirvana (graduation/liberation) from the life cycle on the Earth.

Here are a few quotes/excerpts written by me, to ascend your spiritual progression.

1.     Break or Reveal
Break or reveal
2.     Good karma, bad karma
good karma bad karma
3.     Your Heart is your treasure
your heart is your treasure
4.     Illusion
5.     In the end
in the end
6.     Meaning of life
meaning of life
7.     Our Inner light
our inner light
8.     Outright delusional
outright delusional
9.     Pain & Suffering
pain and suffering
10.                         Past was past
past was past
11.                         Science & Spirituality
science and spirituality
12.                         Stop living a lie
stop living a lie
13.                         There is no injustice
there is no injustice
14.                         Truth & a lie
truth and a lie
15.                         Truth
16.                         What we do not do
what we do not do
17.                         Worldly Pleasure
worldly pleasure
18.                         Wrong Mountain
wrong mountain
19.                         Wrong place
wrong place
20.                         Wrong right
wrong right
21.                         Your trueselves
your trueselves