Life is nothing but a series of decisions; you are! What you are, not only because of what you choose but also because of what you let go.

The purpose of this website is to help you make informed choices. The Endeavour here is to bring the best of the information, wisdom & knowledge on topics spanning across self –help, philosophy, psychology, wellbeing, personal development, and self-improvement.

The articles here are well-researched insights combined with personal experience; aimed to make even the complex ideas as simple as possible, while maintaining the conciseness & preciseness of the matter.

Life is to live, love, make mistakes, learn, grow & evolve. And the idea here is to help you navigate through these different aspects of life, to emerge as a triumphant.

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About Me:

Imran Basha S
    Curiosity does not always kill the cat, it sometimes enlightens it.

Being inquisitive, I often dwell upon topics concerning life & beyond. And I am a stern believer and promulgator of seeking passion & purpose in life. We are not on this earth by chance; everything has a reason to be, every person & every situation we encounter somehow leads us towards fulfilling our life purpose.

My purpose is to be a ‘Firestarter’; to sow that seed of thought into people’s minds, to help them see themselves clearly. To assist people in making those informed choices that align them with their true selves; to be a catalyst to positive change and a better life.

I possess an innate penchant for writing on topics like Self Help / Life Skills, Philosophy / Psychology, and life / Management.

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