Marriage - of love, not convenience

Marriage - of love, not convenience

Do not get married because you are getting old.

Neither because the society expects you to;

Nor, utterly for your parents' sake,

And, not that, to your parents have a grandchild to play with.


Not for the reason that you are lonely;

Not even if you do not have any single friends.

Either not having a plus one, to attend family congregations,

or not having someone to go on a trip;

Still, not a good reason enough!


You get married, when you find someone,

who will not let you go, when things go bad.

You do! when you find someone,

who is willing to accept "YOU”, the whole you,

your strengths as well as the flaws.


You say “I do”, when you find someone,

willing to stay when you are sick;

Inclined to stay by your side,

when it's 3 AM & you just can’t seem to sleep.


When you find someone! who treats you as an equal;

for whom their morning meeting is

equally important to your late-night call.

One, who does not presume cooking

& cleaning as some gender roles.

And the one! who makes sure to hug you,

even after the worst of the arguments.


You tie the knot! when you find

someone who inspires & supports you,

to be the best version of yourselves.

Someone who adds to your happiness,

and shares your sorrow; who adds life

to your life, someone you cannot live without!


Finally, you both say “I DO”, when you find the one,

who falls in love with your heart, not your face;

The one who falls in love with your soul, not your body!!