When our own two eyes do not agree!


a short story on perspectives

Michael focused on his target with his right eye, and right before he could release the bowstring, a speck of dust fell in his right eye. He just closed his right eye and opened his left eye; he felt stupefied to see how he was out of line with his target.

He then readjusted the focus at the aim with his left eye and made a perfect shot, won the archery competition.

Michael continued his practice for the upcoming National Junior Archery competition with his left eye; for months, he believed beyond doubt that something was wrong with his right eye.

And now, it was the day of the event which he awaited for so long, participants from across the country were present.

Just before his turn, something similar happened. And this time it was his left eye, turned all red. It was so bad he could not open his left eye.

Michael knew he had lost the event, even before trying, because he thought his right eye was of no use when it came to focusing on the target. All his hard work and practice was about to go down the drain, and he was to return to his school, a loser.

However, disheartened! Michael aimed with his right eye. And even as the arrow was in the air, Michael started walking away. Astonished by the applaud, he turned back only to see he had hit the target in the ‘bull’s eye'.

Michael had won the competition. He was the youngest archery champion.

In life, when it seems we are out of alignment with our goals, we should always readjust and see from a different point of view. It might after all be that we just need a change of perspective, and then we will realize we were wrong about, being wrong, all the time. In fact, all we needed was the willingness to refocus from a different perspective.

On the similar lines, our society comments and judges us based on their perspective and narrow point of view; when our own two eyes do not agree with each other, then how can we let opinions and judgments of others affect us.

There is not always a single way of doing something, and whenever others look down upon us for being different, for taking a path different from theirs; we need to understand that most of the time, the fault lies with their point of view. And they are the ones who need a little flexibility to look beyond their own narrow mindedness and develop an ability to view & evaluate things from a different perspective.

And this in no way should be a detriment to how we see ourselves.