The language of the Universe

Since the advent of humans, we always have been aware of something bigger than us. The world and life around us have been fascinating. Nature possessed both the power to nurture as wells as destroy everything. We looked up at the sky and found the burning sun at day, and a night sky full of stars.

the language of the universe

We always have been fascinated by an incomprehensible superpower, bigger than us. Everything around & above us had a meaning and yet we were not capable enough to comprehend. We were bewitched as well as intimidated by the natural forces of the environment, other creations of the universe, the sun, the moon, miraculous - powers, peoples & occurrences.

We have been worshipping these from ancient times for various reasons:

1.     Some of us to understand the superpower and surrender to it so that we are guided through.
2.     A few more to make consensus and avoid the ire of this supreme power.
3.     And a lot more to overcome and triumph over it.

the super power

These eventually led to various beliefs, customs, traditions, sects, etc as we know of today. Also we humans have been recording and documenting historical occurrences, supernatural phenomenon and various other scientific and spiritual revelations. And now, almost all of the sects of human beings have some form of sacred texts to guide them through life on earth and after. Many spiritually advanced gurus have appeared to us in various forms to various sects to salvage humanity from its suffering and lead on to everlasting peace. No matter whichever path we choose and whatever sect we belong to, salvation, redemption & liberation seems to be the ultimate goal.

There is no doubt, irrespective of what we do; we all are evolving along with the universe. We are collectively contributing to the raise in the consciousness of the universe. All the living things, nonliving things, all the creatures on Earth – micro beings, plants, insects, animals and all other things/life on and beyond the Earth are a part of this ecstatic motion towards progression and raise in consciousness.

The most astonishing thing to note here is the way all of these along with us are connected to the universe. It is a humongous web of consciousness, both contributing & self-sustaining in itself. It is much more perplexing to even think of how this enormous task is brought to fruition.

web of life

Every human being on the earth, irrespective of their occupation, beliefs, race, and sex is taken care of. And are in intimate communication with the universe or the supreme power we all recognize in various forms. The languages we speak/understand, the level of our education, the so-called ladder of success/power in society are all inconsequential when it comes to communication with this universal superpower.

Even before we humans started to form first words, when we were communicating like apes, we were, in fact, more deeply connected to the universe. Even though there were none of the sacred texts available, we were in the strongest contact with the supreme. As a matter of fact, the various languages of communication we use today are somehow a cause of miscommunication.

language of the universe

We all are born with an inherent guiding framework called intuition which acts as a guiding mechanism and guides us through life; helping us to make the appropriate decisions, all through. There is an inner spiritual fire inside every one of us, waiting for us to awaken and stop resisting its guidance.

This intuition/inherent instinct or instinctual guiding force is present in all the animate and inanimate matter of the universe. Everything no matter how microscopically tiny or macroscopically enormous is always connected to this inherent guiding force. Everyone & everything ever created, is in contact with its creator. The universe speaks to them in their own language and it does not have any reservations to any particular being or kind.

We humans have been occupied with either our own materialistic wants or in pursuit of happiness/contentment, outside of ourselves. When in fact what we need to do is to remove all the barriers we have created for ourselves and break all the biases & prejudices we have; And start heeding to our heart/intuition and look within. We must focus on reducing our mental chatter from time to time and get into the habit of self-contemplation. Only when the mind is free of all the self-serving ideas, notions, and senseless material concerns; the true inner guidance will awaken. All the answers we need and all the guidance we seek is within. Only when we start heeding to our inner calling without any bias & judgment, we can achieve liberation in the truest sense.