Little Ayra

short reads; short story
Crouching at his desk, lost in contemplation,
he is still not ready to accept,
the proceedings of the past three days.
What did he do to deserve this?
The God must be so cruel,
to inflict so much pain & grief.
Having lost his wife at such a young age,
he is shattered, with misery & torment;
There was clearly no reason to live.

A tiny hand pokes him,
he yells, "go away you little monster".
But the tiny hand still continues to poke,
and this time he pushes it away violently,
without even having a look.

A few minutes later, he senses the little one
still there, sobbing silently.
And he looks at her, little Ayra with tears in her eyes
and a cookie in her tiny hand, gestures at him, to eat;
He immediately picks her up and hugs her tightly,
he too sobbing now, he had found his reason,

Little Ayra! his reason to live!