Stop being Judgemental, start valuing people for what they are

Globalisation didn’t limit itself with just trade and ideas, along with it, it has brought in a tremendous change in how the world is interacting and growing. Internet, computers and mobile phones have changed our lives in many ways, now we can with a click speak and even see a person living thousands of kilometres across the world. The world has never been so connected, that we are sometimes overwhelmed at making a choice to buy any product, because the shopping malls are flooded with variety from across the globe.


This global phenomenon along with technological advancements brings in people of different backgrounds together, both in professional and personal spheres of life. We can see few of top global MNC’s being run by Indian CEO’s and also we can see our local stores being run by people from different geographical locations as well. Our society is growing diverse in every aspect.

Having to meet & deal with people of diverse race, religion, sex, culture, traditions, attitudes, and values is much required of us. To deal with such a diverse set of people may prove to be difficult at times. We often categorise and stereotype people based on our past experiences and generalised perceptions; what we forget is when we tend to stereotype a whole race or a population based on some set of rules, we are definitely committing a blunder.

never judge soemone

All westerners are not promiscuous and neither all Indians have high morals. Not all South Indians are good with English and not all North Indians are bad with English. If someone prefers to wear some type of clothing, it might be just their choice, not any ulterior motive. If a guy wears pink, it doesn’t automatically make him gay. The old lonely woman you make fun off, might have lost her only son, fighting for the country. The blind guy whom you never have time to help cross the road, might have lost his eye sight working for a clinical research to develop new medicines.  A guy not holding the door for a lady doesn’t necessarily be disrespectful. The fat girl you ridicule may be suffering from a medical condition. Highly educated doesn’t always mean highly paid, uneducated doesn’t always mean poor.

It’s easy to be judgemental and draw premature conclusions based on external superficial appearances or behaviour of someone; but we never try to understand why the people are / behave the way they do? We never try to look in to what pain & suffering they are trying to conceal. If we had even slightest of the ideas, we ourselves would not behave the way we do.

lets stop being judgemental

Every individual is unique in themselves, and everyone’s life is different, filled with different experiences. The experiences and struggle which a person goes through his/ her life shapes their behaviour & attitude. When we carefully analyse people’s lives, we see that everyone has had or will have to face their own share of difficulties and problems, each one of us are uniquely abled with skills & abilities. This differentiates each one of us, then how can we generalise people based on our biased perceptions, which clearly take into account only a fraction of the concerned population.

In such a case what can we do; should we just succumb to the actions /behaviours of others and us being at the tolerating end? Definitely no, but what we can do is, we can make ours and others life less miserable by being the one who seeks to understand others.

Instead of just being blunt and judgemental, if we take 2 minutes to understand the other person’s perspective and the situation he / she is in, then we will start valuing people for what they are. We will take out the best from each person we come across and each situation we encounter.