Career choices for Creative people

   Creative people have a reputation of being eccentric; this is because they don’t see a straight line just as it is. They tend to see things beyond borders, outside the limitations and break the established patterns. They hate rules and prefer an independent working environment.
Career choices for creative people

  Creativity is the ability to realize hidden patterns and establish connections between seemingly unrelated phenomena. It can be used to generate ideas / solutions, understand or communicate complex phenomenon & to produce content which is simple, appealing & engaging at the same time.
  Taking into account the general personality traits of creative people, the following careers can be considered as personally & professionally rewarding.
#1.Graphics Designer
     Graphics designing involves use of various methods to create and combine symbols, images and text to form visual representations of ideas and messages.
     It is a field which majorly deals with visual communication and communication design. It involves use of typography, photography, illustrations and related techniques / software.
Scope: Logo designing, Hoarding, Pamphlet design, Brandings, Advertisements, Book covers, Album covers, DVD covers, Comic books, Road signs, Memorandums, Manuals, Illustrations – Information design. News papers, Magazines, Blogs / Websites, Television, Films, Documentaries, all of them use graphic design.
Graphics Design, Multi media animations, interior design

#2.Multimedia Artists & Animators
     Multimedia artists & Animators bring ideas to life; they combine visual arts with various forms of sounds, illustrations and animations. They use cameras, computers & other multimedia tools.
Scope: Commercials, Movies, Special effects, 3D animations, various forms of videos & more.    
#3.Interior Designers
     Interior designing is a multifaceted profession involving conceptual development, planning & execution in co ordination with various stake holders involved.
     It’s not only limited to making the interiors of a place more aesthetically pleasing & fanciful, it further looks into safety, optimum utilization of space & purpose, functionality, standard codes & regulations while taking into consideration client’s needs & budget.
Scope: Residential – individual houses, Apartments, Buildings, Renovations, Commercial – show rooms, Shopping malls, Corporate offices, Health care facilities, Government / Religious / Educational institutions, Hospitality sector, Gyms / Sport centers, Recreational centers.
#4.Fashion Designing
     Fashion designers, design clothing and accessories which are functional w.r.t place, occasion, usability, quality & aesthetics.
     Designers conduct research on fashion trends and anticipate the requirement of consumers in the near future and accordingly design / produce to consumer tastes / preferences.
    They work independently or in association with fashion houses or other manufacturers.
Scope: Daily wear, Accessories, Women special accessories, Evening wear, Sportswear, Performance wear, Bridal wear, Individual custom designs, a specific group designs, Mass designs etc.
Fashion Designing, Fashion Designer

#5.Floral Designing
     Floral designers enhance the ambience of any place with carefully arranging flowers & foliage for various occasions. Each flower’s properties like scent, color, and sentiment it conveys are taken in to account. All of this is achieved carefully keeping customer’s needs, budget and preferences into account.
Scope: Wedding ceremonies, Birthday parties, Corporate events, Traditional / Cultural events, Funerals, All kinds of events.
     Editors review and revise, either written or video content, to generate the impact and evoke a response that is intended. They work in close collaboration with Writers & Multimedia artists to produce the desired outcome. Editors mainly tailor the content to create a lingering impact.
Scope: Written content, Articles, Blogs, Technical Journals, Magazines, Newspapers, All kinds of multimedia content.
editors, editor

     Photographers produce images & videos which are artistically and commercially valued. Photographers are specialized into various fields depending upon their area of work. They make use of Cameras, lenses, software to produce the content.
Scope: Wildlife, Landscape, Architecture, Journalism, Websites, Magazines, Mechanize, Medical etc.
#8.Industrial Design
     This can also be vaguely termed as product / service design. Based on a complex research of consumer and market behavior, industrial designers customize their products / services to improvise the technical, artistic, aesthetic and various other components of the product / service, according to consumer requirement.
Scope: R & D, Product development etc
#9.Craft Artists
       Craft artists create handmade items. These are products of artistic expression and usually add aesthetic appeal to the environment wherever, these piece of arts are placed. They make use of material such as wood, metal, fabric, plastic, specialized material / tools.
Scope: Art Studios, Craft Fairs, Sponsored Craft Exhibitions, Gifts & Craft Shops, Sell online ( Itsy Bitsy, Amazon, Shopify etc ), Become a supplier to major art companies etc.

#10.Fine Artists
       Fine artists focus on fine aspects of creativity through sketching / painting etc.
Scope: Illustrators, Painters, Cartoonists, Art Galleries, Painting Exhibitions, Renovation of Historical places etc.
#11.Makeup Artist
       Makeup artists essentially are specialized in prettying up people for various occasions. They know exactly how to enhance people’s appearance irrespective of their age, color or appearance with the appropriate use of makeup material.
Scope: Brides / Brides maid grooming, Beauty parlors, Men / Women grooming, TV Anchors / Artists / Actors grooming for various occasions / drama, Theater appearances etc.
#12.Art Teacher / Instructor
       Art can be taught schools / colleges or as specialized workshops. Teaching is a noble profession, as you become the foundation for others learning. Several corporate & various other workshops make use of art as a stress buster(therapeutic), a creative boost to employees, develop lateral / out of box thinking.
      Art can also be taught at vocational training / related institutes to empower people for self employment etc.
    A writer is someone who presents complex ideas, information or knowledge into simple words. This requires an understanding of the concepts and a lot of creativity to present the material, customized / tailored according to the intended audience. Nevertheless creativity here is very much essential to create an impact and generate a response as required.
Scope: Blogs, Websites, News Papers, Magazines, Technical Journals, Books , Booklets, Manuals, Quotes, Case Studies, Role Plays, Stories, Children’s stories, Publications, Novelists, Screen writers, Biographers, Copy writing, Content Writing etc.
Game Design

#14.Games Designing
       This is essentially an extension of graphics designing and animations, along with this Game designing needs extra skills to create characters, stories, rules of the game, dialogues, game levels / progression, game interface etc.
Scope: Games, Apps, Interactive websites / apps etc.
#15.Web design
       This is an extension of Graphics Design. Any website needs a simple and easy to use interface which fits the requirements of the user. Thus a graphics designer along with a software engineer / with software skills creates / designs websites.
      Nowadays, every business needs online presence to grow. The website has to be good looking, pleasing to eye, easy to use; in cite a user to explore more. Thus web designers subtly achieve this.