Absolute Truth - An Illusion ? A Paradox ?? A Conundrum ???

Since time immemorial numerous wars have been fought, millions of people have been killed and we still continue on the same path. Something or anything said against our established beliefs and faith, infuriates us to such an extent that we do not even think twice to commit any atrocity, just to safeguard or protect our version of truth. We humans have a very fragile ego, which can falter at the slightest touch and we go to any extent to guard our bruised egos.

With our advent on earth as human beings, we have been constantly searching for something. This search was inherent; we in our deeper conscience always knew there was something more to life than just what it appears to be. And this conquest beset with curiosity has indirectly fuelled our so called advancement in science and technology.

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When man started his journey on earth, man was gifted with the power of thinking which distinguished him from other creatures and set him superior over them to some extent. But man has always been baffled with the power of nature and was also scared of several natural phenomenons which could wipe out humans in minutes. This fear of something bigger and more powerful gave man the idea of someone or something bigger at play, since then man has been trying to understand this bigger power perhaps some absolute truth. Some to surrender to such a magnificent power; a few to make a consensus so that they are not in conflict with this powerful being; and few more to overtake and bring it under their control.

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No matter what the intentions were, this set us on a journey and since then we are on a spree, inventing / discovering new things which we regard as some divine super power and discard them at ease, when they failed to fit in our own prejudices & biases. And when we did discard few of the beliefs & faiths and move on in search of more befitting answers & truth, we have almost always conveniently forgotten all the abominations committed in the name of “that” absolute truth.

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We are so obsessed with some external truth that we rarely see our own limitations as a human being. Human eyes can only see a very small part of electromagnetic spectrum, and there is a possibility we may not have the faintest idea of the broadness of the electromagnetic spectrum. May be our latest advancements may still not be able to capture all that is there; nevertheless we come out with new discoveries every now and then, which totally deface our previous limited notions.

To be frank our vision through eyes cannot be regarded as a pure optical phenomenon, meaning, the light waves which fall on retina of our eyes are converted in to electrical signals which are then processed by the brain to provide the vision. In reality we are not even directly seeing the objects we think we are seeing. And thus our limited sense of vision coupled with our own set of prejudices, experiences, upbringings, biases, perception, all can totally distort the reality which we think we are experiencing and we may be far away from reality. All of this may just be an ILLUSION.

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When we accept and start to analyze our limited nature, again we are bewildered by our unlimited potential and nature as a “SOUL”. We are not just human beings; we are spiritual beings having just a human experience here on earth. The intricate ways through which this universe is governed suggests that we cannot be here by chance; there is a definite purpose for our existence. We are far greater than we restrict ourselves to be, we are a part of grand movement, perhaps an even greater cause. Our stint on earth may also be just a small part of this bigger plan, to teach us, to train us, to make us realize our own potential as an “eternal soul”. We may come here on earth several times till we have perfected our lessons and ourselves. Although it may sound PARADOXICAL! Of this entire, one thing is certain that we are somehow contributing to the increase in consciousness of the universe, we as a “whole” are inching towards perfection bit by bit continuously and yet we “alone” cannot be perfect. This bridging gap will surely prompt us to continuously improve and become something which the supreme architect is slowly sculpting and developing us to be.
The absolute truth will remain a CONUNDRUM in itself.