Why do our Prayers fail to Manifest

Prayer in its various forms is just a contact between an individual soul and the Creator. This is as simple as a conversation between any two people, only difference here is the individual soul is involved in a communication with the Creator, this conversation happening at the level of higher consciousness makes it sacred.
direct contact with GOD

We as individual souls on earth are on a spiritual mission, a purpose which is deep rooted in the “individual” soul. We are also given a free will to make our own choices or move with the divine will, although both have their unique set of consequences. As food is to the physical body, prayer is to the soul, which is necessary for the soul’s growth & its alignment with divine purpose. When we go extended periods of time without prayer, we are essentially starving our soul.
If prayer is so simple, just like a normal conversation, then why do we fail in seeing it realized? Why do we feel like our prayers are going unanswered? Has the creator, abandoned its own creation?
There could be several possible reasons, let us look into a few as below:
Most of the times the language what we use in our prayers is alien to us. We might not even be knowing what we are talking about, in our prayers. We might be speaking all the right things but as we are not aware of what we are speaking, it fails to make any sense, as a prayer.
Prayer is simple, a hi-fi sounding, complex language is not always necessary to contact the creator, the creator can understand its creation in any language and for that matter no language as well, provided the intentions are true.
We can converse with our creator 24*7 (because HE is omnipresent), from where ever we are, no matter what we are doing, in our plain everyday language. Slowly we will begin to experience the divine presence to aid us in our growth.
Everything which we know & do not know spanning across billions of galaxies & stars in the universe, are creations of the Supreme Creator. The supreme creator has never revealed his form, and He or IT is beyond human comprehension. We cannot lock it down by the principles & laws of universe which in fact were created by IT. And HE / IT can be totally exclusive of all the matter, space and laws which we know.
We are on Earth with a spiritual purpose, just like everything & everyone in various places & times in the universe. Everyone & everything are mere creations by the creator, serving & struggling with their own unique purpose of existence.
Thus when we look up for help in our spiritual purpose, the only authentic contact can be between the Creator himself & the individual creation alone. We simply cannot be sure of anything else. There cannot probably be any intercession of any type, when we are betting our prayers and for that matter our lives on some form of intercession, we are putting our souls at the highest risk, which we can’t even fathom.
We in our sense of urgency, always expect and desire things which might not be apt for us or simply it may not be the right timing. The universe & everything in it are intricately linked; even a minute change in the smallest things may bring about totally unimaginable results. All the creation is controlled & sustained by the divine law.
We in our limited sense of perspective may wish things which are retrospectively wrong for ourselves. The creator who knows beyond, may deny things altogether for our own good w.r.t our spiritual purpose. And sometimes this denial may only be temporary, so that this denial would trigger in us something, which prepares and makes us ready for what we desire in the long run.
All in all it is a tremendous test of Faith & Trust in the Universe & Divine Creator.
For our prayers to materialize our intentions should go in tandem with our actions. We can dream about all the wealth & pleasures, but when there is no associated effort to make it happen, sadly nothing can materialize. The universe operates under laws, which requires us to persevere to make things happen.
There should be no doubt in the power of prayer, but prayer is a supplementary support which ensures that we are at the right time at the right place, but it is still we, who decide if we do the right thing, with right amount of effort.
As with law of attraction, if our actions do not match our intentions, probably we are doing more of repelling than attracting.