"Your choice of Career, defines your life" - Making the Right career choice

   What does it tell you about the world, where most of the working population is overworked, exhausted, frustrated, no time for family / friends, and literally no active socialization. People are messed up emotionally, physically and socially. No wonder organizations talk about failed productivity, the only things we are seemed to be concerned about is output, results, targets and ultimately how much money we make.
making the right career choice

   We are living in a chaotic world, where a potential Artist is stuck in a banking job and a potential banker is stuck in a sports career. For both, their respective choices can be equally daunting and frustrating. A person’s choice of career should be fulfilling Professionally as well as Personally. With so much information and advice available online, we can literally crawl through any job. But there is a difference between crawling though and excelling at something. No matter how much you work hard to crawl, there will be a time when you can no longer sustain and you will eventually have a break down.
   Every individual is wired differently and everyone is uniquely gifted with the talent, intelligence & skills, the need is to determine this unique quality in you and move ahead along these lines. A fish has to be evaluated by its ability to swim and not by its inability to fly, like wise we need to be evaluated in our areas of strength and encouraged accordingly. 
  In a country where everyone is obsessed with only two professions, Engineering & Medicine. And where people start thinking about what to do, only after they become engineers, it is very difficult to have satisfying careers unless few decisions are made at an earlier point of time. Being an Engineer or Doctor are not the only two professions, with industrialization and advent of technology and whole new perspectives in Science and Management, there are newer careers and jobs cropping up. A thorough analysis of self strengths and all the available job alternatives will definitely help us in making a correct career choice. The idea is to have the most suitable match of our strengths with the available opportunities, the moment this happens our career will boom in leaps in bounds and our work will never bug us.
Your choice of career, defines your life

   When we judge ourselves or someone else based on the amount of money made, we must realize that there is something wrong with the way we measure success. Although money can somehow be called a basic necessity, but after crossing a threshold, it doesn’t matter. There is much more to life than just money.
   Health, Relations, Family, Friends, Hobbies, Entertainment, Spirituality and many more are a part of life. The choice of our career can affect many of these and there is no doubt that we need to compromise on certain fronts. The things on which we compromise and to what extent? This should be in our control. We should aim to achieve Harmony & Balance in all the spheres of life. The need is to have an optimum balance of all these aspects with a career which focuses on our strengths / passion. And if we are able to get all of these while compromising a little on the money front, this shouldn’t be a bad deal in the long run.