Cheating is a Choice and not a Mistake

     Sameera and Sarthak’s relationship was the best and the greatest anyone could imagine. At least Sameera thought so! After she caught her boyfriend with another girl in their house, in the same bedroom where they stay. Sameera is shattered! She never expected something like this would happen, not in their story, their’s was such a perfect story.  What should Sameera do? How can she let go off her love? Should she forget it as a spur of the moment, a mistake which even Sarthak regrets, as per the conversation she had with Sarthak later.
Loyalty is rare to find

     Bad choices happen, mistakes happen we are all humans but the thing is how you deal with them. You might just have to walk away from a relationship when you have to. Even when you give all of yours and still don’t see any effort and commitment from the other person and moreover, is repeatedly abusing you by not giving your relationship the due respect it deserves. Then you really need to reacess the situation.
    Trust and faith are fundamental in any relationship, when your partner is repeatedly misusing your trust how you can have a peaceful relationship. How can you expect yourselves to trust the other?
    Cheating is a conscious choice, which people make. You cannot cheat on your partner, when you are truly in love with them, not when you truly value them, not when you truly care for them.
    When Sarthak said Sameera that it was just a spur of the moment, and it was a onetime thing and he would not repeat it. Can Sameera just forgive & forget this? The sense of betrayal and pain simply won’t go away
Once cheated on in a relationship, it is very difficult to build trust again. Although forgiving and moving on may seem logical keeping in mind the amount of effort and time spent on the relationship. It may not be the right decision. We tend to get scared; we are scared to be alone again. But these are not at all good reasons to stick on to.
    As said earlier, cheating is a conscious choice. It cannot happen in the spur of the moment. There has to be some underlying issues in the relationships, which a cheating partner tries to compensate from an outside affair. If at all your partner was really interested in working out, there would have been a voluntary involvement to communicate and improve / even out the differences.

   Cheating in a relationship cannot be just overlooked as a mistake. Be cautious of what you choose, after all it is a life partner, you are choosing.